Intacs in Keratoconus

Intacs in Keratoconus

Intacs in Keratoconus

An established treatment for keratoconus is Intacs. Intacs are a medical device for the correction of 1.00 to 3.00 diopters of myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) and virtually no astigmatism. Intacs inserts are the only refractive surgery procedure that adds structural integrity to the cornea. This unique attribute made Intacs an ideal treatment for keratoconus. Intacs are clear small semicircular plastic rings of various thickness that are inserted within the cornea at its outer edges. Insertion of these rings flatten the central area of the cornea and correct myopic refractive error.

  • Major Steps Of Intacs : –
Major Steps Of Intacs : –
  • The specialist will instil eye drops to numb the eye.
  • After creating a tiny opening which will be less than 2 mm, near the upper edge of the cornea, beneath the eyelid The surgeon uses precise, specially calibrated instruments to create two small tunnels in the periphery of the cornea.
  • Once the corneal tissue separated but does not cut it they insert IntacsĀ® through the opening so that they rest in these tunnels, between the layers of corneal tissue
  • Once in place; the two arcs flatten the cornea so that light rays can properly focus on the retina.
  • Major Advantage : –
Major Advantage : –
  • No tissue is removed and there is no ablation or incision across the visual axis.
  • Intacs surgery is not truly reversible because of the incision, but the Intacs can be completely removed or exchanged for a different size.
  • Intacs inserts cannot be felt by the patient and are no more visible than a contact lens.
  • After insertion and healing, Intacs require no maintenance.
  • The placement of Intacs inserts remodels and reinforces the cornea, eliminating some or all of the irregularities caused by keratoconus.

Follow-up visits will be required to monitor the healing process and to evaluate the visual benefits of the procedure. Even after a successful Intacs procedure for keratoconus, glasses or contacts may be required, however Intacs have been shown to improve vision and reduce or stop the progression of keratoconus, thereby saving the patient from needing PKP.

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